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GM Motors Recovery

Where to start with CIP? 
When I opened my business a few years ago I contacted a few insurance brokers who simply couldn't help me, I was recommended to try CIP, and from my 1st phone call I was told this might be a bit off a challenge but will see what we can come up with. 
Few days later had a quote. Over the years my business has evolved and changed route, every time I contact CIP they listen to me explain In down to earth terms & go thru the policies to make sure that 1st I am happy and 2nd most importantly that I am covered for everything that could and might go wrong, to the point that one off the staff has had a phone call to me that lasted 3 hours and ended after 8 in the evening when he was clearly ready for home to which makes me feel that's your not just another number/customer. The phrase that he kept telling me that I'll never forget is "Impossible I do everyday, miracles take a little longer" This shows me They value your business with them being only a phone call away for advice on matters, my business probably wouldn't have worked out or even got off the ground, as they took time to help and listen to me and my needs even when it was just a boys Pipe dream in the making..

My only advice would be give them a try you could do a lot worse for yourself than have this company in your corner backing your dreams.